Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship Pageant 2012: The Search is ON!

Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship Pageant 2012

The Search is ON.

A chat with Ms. Dorsey – Contestant Coordinator for the Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship Pageant

Ms. Bamicia Dorsey is a Sierra Leonean – American based in New Jersey, and one of the organizers of the Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship Pageant. Having participated and being a part of various pageants herself, she has broad experience in pageantry and she is known for her ability to relate very well with the ladies in the pageant.

Ovacom:  Hello Ms. Bamicia, can you please tell us what Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship pageant stands for?

Bamicia: Miss Africa Tri-State Scholarship Pageant is a scholarship beauty pageant, which objective is to empower and encourage young African females in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Philadelphia on the importance of using their power, voice, and newly acquired status as the queen to advocate and support humanitarian causes as goodwill ambassadors in the USA and in Africa.
Miss Africa Tri State is for encouraging and promoting humanitarian causes. We partner with various other non-profit organizations that have the goals of changing the community one project at a time by being parts of their fundraising efforts and outreach.

Ovacom:  The last event received quiet a lot of media attention and accolades, how do you feel as one of the major organizers?

Bamicia: Thanks, It was indeed a successful event on June 11th, 2011, hundreds of elite and distinguished guests all over the United States were witnesses as South African beauty Yolanda Masinga was crowned the Miss Africa Tri-State 2011.
It was a night full of entertainment, fashion and beauty with 15 beautiful savvy ladies in the competition. We were all happy about the success.
Ovacom: How is the preparation for the next one coming?

Bamicia: We are still in the process of auditions, so if you are a young African lady and live in the Tri State area of the USA and would like to represent your country at the next Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship pageant, apply at
www.missafricatristate.com or call 678-613-4120 / 973-842-5698

Ovacom: What are the requirements to be a contestant?

Bamicia: You must be of the African Descent, live in the Tri State area, and meet the age group requirement. Miss Africa Tri State 18-28 years old
Miss Africa Tri State JR. 13- 17 years old.

Ovacom: What does the Queen do after the crowning and the event is over?

Bamicia: Miss Africa Tri State Yolanda Masinga has been very active in her community: she has visited homeless shelter, been a voice and a representative at various African events that promotes the African culture in good light especially to non-Africans. But, most importantly has been part of major charity outreach by various organizations based in the Tri State area, but that have the utmost goal of giving back to Africa. She has also just gotten back from her home country of South Africa where she has also done humanitarian works.

The other contestants too are being encouraged to participate in the activities. Just because you were not the queen doesn’t take away your passion for goodwill. Recently, the 2nd runner up and the Miss Ivory Coast represented the Queen at a fundraising outreach when she was far away in South Africa.

Ovacom: The M.A.T.S ladies have been pretty busy, so when is the next Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship Pageant?

Bamicia: The next Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship pageant would be on June 16th 2012. We would conclude on the details soon, but a visit to our website would give more information.
I would also like to use this medium to reach out to corporate bodies and companies that believe in the power of changing and making an impact in the world, to help support our mission by becoming sponsors.

Ovacom: Wish you success on all the upcoming events and your outreaches.

Bamicia: Thank you

To follow activities and to know more about the next Annual Miss Africa Tri State Scholarship pageant stated for June 16th, 2012.  Visit the organization’s website and fan page on Facebook www.missafricatristate.com