Sunday, June 5, 2011

Abiola Saba: Inspiring Change and Making Timeless Impact.

What do you know about other people's bitter tears, unless you have shed your own? I have shed my own and I have been comforted. Now, I am on a mission to comfort others”
                                                                                        Mrs. Abiola Saba
                                                                          Founder/President Timeless Impact

History is decorated with colorful and life-changing achievements of women from all walks of life; inventors, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc. Women with a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.  Abiola Saba, Founder/President Timeless Impact, is one of such woman. A Certified Success Coach(CSC), Trainer and Inspirational speaker, she is  on a compassionate journey to comfort, motivate, inspire and encourage millions to righteousness, through sharing winning experiences, for millions to achieve their maximum potential. Her passion is to add value to people's lives, by lighting their candles through inspirational words, backed by the power of God. Having experienced life challenges that has led her to greater strength, greater faith and a much greater understanding of God's grace and His purpose for our lives; she greatly desires that many reach their full potential.

As a dynamic, bold and engaging speaker with a purpose to uplift and transform, she has inspired many and continues to add value to several lives. As an experienced health worker, she teaches basic life skills and has gone to Africa to teach many Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in a campaign which she embarked on CPR Nigeria. This gives her mission to uplift and transform lives a holistic bearing cutting across physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

“When I was born,’ says Mrs. Saba, ‘the world rejoiced. I want to live my life leaving a Timeless Impact that will bless generations after me”.  These words are the foundation on which Timeless Impact an organization that is on a compassionate journey to comfort, motivate, inspire and encourage millions to righteousness, through sharing winning experiences, for millions to achieve their maximum potential stands. Timeless Impact grew out of an inner journey, struggles and re-occurring patterns that she overcame and hence discovered the path to peace, success and freedom. This is what she shares: personal experiences; “the toughest challenge of my life has lead to my greatest inspiration" she declares.

The challenge that has brought the most tears to my eyes is the same reason the world is listening to me. Discern yours!

Then one day, I met with CHRIST. I had a dream, and I saw Christ, who opened His hands wide and I went to Him, cried, and He whispered in my ears, ‘Welcome'back into the Kingdom’ I continued to cry, then He whispered to me, YOU ARE COMFORTED. Then, He told me, "With the same comfort that I have comforted you, go and comfort others”

Abiola Saba grew up in the Western Nigerian city of Ibadan in Oyo state, lived in the United Kingdom for ten years where she took a degree in Marketing from Brunel University. She moved to the United States, studied at Rutgers and Drexel University for her graduate degrees and worked in with various corporate firms including McGraw Hill, Johnson and Johnson and was a computer consultant.

Married for twenty-one years and blessed with children, Mrs. Abiola has a passion for God, compassion for people and through her coaching, she is committed to pursuing, proclaiming and publishing God's words for many to be successful and achieve the maximum potential.

She is a member of the John Maxwell Team and Certified Coach with John Maxwell, Toastmasters International at Swissboro and hosts her own show on Blog Talk Radio. She lives in Sewell, New Jersey with her family.

Abiola is available for Public speaking engagements and teaches classes on CPR awareness.

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